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The Action Group

The Action Group 

JAMMY Join   us   for   the   5km   race   and   impress   your   friend’s   ,   wife,   girlfriend   or   dog   for   that   matter   with   your   obstacle skills.   If   after   a   couple   of   obstacle’s   you   feel   like   dying   or   calling   your   mom   to   save   you,   rest   assured   that we   have   included   a   “   chicken   run”   at   some   of   the   more   diffucult   obstacles   to   accomodate   all   the   cry   babies out there. If you however do not do all the obstacle’s you can not win the race! This   is   a   fun   category   for   the   not   so   serious   athlete   that   want   to   build   comradery   with   his   friends.   Also suitable   for   companies   that   want   to   enter   groups   as   part   of   a   team   building   excercise.   This   event   is      timed and a timing chip is needed which will cost you a once of fee of R 50 . Prize money Men & Woman Category 1st Place - R 500 2nd Place - R 300 3rd Place - R  100 RECCE If   you         are         more         serious         than         the         guy         standing         next         to         you         then         join         us         for         our         10km        race.         yes      that’s         right         not         30km         we         just         need         10km         to         test         your         metal.         This         race         is        tough         and         not         meant         for      coach         potatoes         or         sissies,         and         will         test         your         skill         and        endurance,   but      do   not   fret   we   will   have   trained   paramedics   on   site   to   help   you   if   something   goes   seriously wrong. This   is   a   timed   race,   so   you   would   need   a   timing   chip   which   will   cost   you   a   once   of   fee   of   R   50    .   You   can then re-use it as many time as you wish until you break it, off cause then you have to buy a new one!! This is also were we start to pay you serious money for winning!! Prize money Men & Woman Category 1st Place - R 2 500 2nd Place - R 1 000 3rd Place - R    500 OPERATORS This   race   will   be   limited   to   a   maximum   of   200   entries   and   will   only   be   availble   for   athletes   that   can   finish the   10   km   RECCE   race   in   a   certain   time.   You   can   therefor   not   enter   this   race   if   you   have   not   completed our 10km RECCE race first and within the prescirbed time frame. The   race   will   be   brutal   and   will   test   your   endurance,   skill   and   character   to   its   limits.   If   you   finish   this   you would   be   able   to   compete   with   the   best   out   there .   This   race   will   however   only   come   into   operation   at Actionman # 3
Turning Obstacle’s Into Opportunities - Choosing To Innovate Rather Than To Imitate