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The Action Group

The Action Group 

Why another obstacle race?
A   lot   of   people   might   ask   this   question.   Surely   there   is   enough   of   these   race’s   in   South Africa?   We   don’t   think   so,   with   OCR   being the   fastest   growing   sport   in   the   world   we   believe   that   there   is   ample   room   for   more   choice   of   race   as   well   as   educating   a   larger portion   of   the   population   regarding   the   fun   that   can   be   had   by   participating   in   these   type   of   events.   Furthermore   we   will   strive   to give you a better experience than the best out there, but at a price that gives you more bang for your buck.
Is the various races timed?
Our   5km   race   is   not   timed,   the   idea   is   to   get   you   used   to   obstacle   racing   and   to   have   fun.   Our   10km   race   is   timed   and   you   therefor need to buy a timing chip for R 50.00. This is a once-off cost as you can use this in our future races as well.
How do I enter?
Follow   the   links   on   our   “   Categories”   page   to   enter.   These   links   will   take   you   to   the   entry   site.   Please   remember   that   online entries   will   close   24   hours   before   the   start   of   the   race.   Please   remember   that   we   do   not   do   entries   on   the   day   of   the   race   at   the event.
What if I can’t do an obstacle?
For   the   5km   race      we   have   introduced   what   we   call   the   “   Chicken   Run”   if   you   are   not   able   to   do   an   obstacle   we   have   a   suprise penalty   for   you,   that   will   allow   you   to   bypass   the   obstacle.   If   you   are   doing   the   10km   timed   race   you   have   to   attempt   the   obstacle if you cant cross it a penalty time will be added to your time. If you refuse to attempt the obstacle you will be disqualified.
Are spectators welcome?
Yes   we   welcome   them   with   open   arms!!.   They   have   to   pay   a   R   30   entrance   though.   We   also   set   the   terrain   up   in   such   a   way   as   to be   spectator   “   friendly”.   With   beer   gardens,   outdoor   shopping   areas   &   food   stalls   to   entertain   them.   Most   of   the   high   spectator value obstacles are placed strategically close to the main terrain to enable them to watch your bravery.
How many people can enter as a team?
We   believe   a   team   shouldn’t   become   a   crowd   and   have   therefor   decided   to   limit   a   team   to   4   individuals.   There   is   however   no   limit on how many teams from a particular group of friends / family or company enters.
Turning Obstacle’s Into Opportunities - Choosing To Innovate Rather Than To Imitate
Is their a place to stash my valuables?
Yes   indeed,   we   will   provide   a   “   Locker   Room”   at   each   of   our   races   where   you   can   rent   space   to   leave   all   your   valuables   while enjoying   the   race   with   total   peace   of   mind.   Cost   amounts   to   R   30.00.   Making   it   easy   for   you   we   have   included   the   option   to   buy your locker space when doing your online entry for the race.
Do you have shower / change room facilities?
At   each   of   our   races   their   will   be   shower   facilities   as   well   as   seperate   men’s   and   women   change   rooms.   We   will   do   our   utmost   to ensure these areas are of a good quality.
Do I need cash on the terrain?
At the entrance and at most vendors their should be card facilities, however the locker room as well as certain vendors might require cash payments, therefor make sure you keep a couple of bucks in your pocket!! If you wish to go cash naked, please make sure you book your locker online to avoid dissapointment!!!




What happens if I get injured?
We always strive to make our venues as safe as possible for contestants and spectators. Accidents however do happen. Our proce- dure for this is as follows: Cuts, bruises ect. will be handled by the medics at their tent on site. If you are injured on the track we have 4x4 ambulances to extract you to the main terrain from where a decisison will be made to transport you per road ambulance to hospital or not. For serious / life threatening injusries we will call in a helicopter ambulance to evacuate you to the nearest medical facility. If you are on a medical aid all of the above will happen via private institutions as determined by you medical aid, if not then we will make use of Goverment hospitals and facilities.