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The Action Group

The Action Group 

Turning Obstacle’s Into Opportunities - Choosing To Innovate Rather Than To Imitate




Let’s see what the athlete’s had to say about ACTIONMAN OCR #1
Marius Smith
Report    for    the    # actionman     # ocr     event    this    past
Saturday   at   # kleinkariba in   # Limpopo .   I   decided   to   go
give   this   race   a   go   because   the   # beastchallenge was
canceled   unfortunately,as   this   was   the   first   event   for
the   new   brand   I   didn’t   know   what   to   expect   just   hope
for   the   best   that   I   would   enjoy   it.   Myself   and   Kirsty
Rault    arrived   early   morning   at   the   venue   and   it   was
raining,standing   under   one   of   the   tents   in   the   race
village   waiting   to   get   started   because   of   some   delays   I
could   see   some   familiar   faces   entering   the   venue.After
a   few   minutes   we   were   called   to   the   race   start   for
briefing,they   had   a   different   way   of   sending   off   the
athletes    with    batches    of    5    at    a    time    and    5min
apart,explaining    that    the    fastest    athlete    over    the
course   will   be   the   winner   so   didn’t   matter   if   u   were   first
of   your   batch   or   first   overall   u   had   to   be   the   fastest.
Randomly   selected   athletes   made   there   way   to   the
start    for    a    pre    race    warm    up    as    a    (Sargent)    were
getting   them   ready,I   was   called   in   along   with   Armin
Botha    ,   Andrew   Christopher   Leeburn    ,   Brandon   Hulley  
,   Sammy   Nel    and   Kirsty   Rault.   Knowing   that   we   were   a
strong   group   my   strategy   was   to   keep   up   with   the   fast
runner    Armin    as    much    as    I    possible,as    the    race
started     it     wasn’t     long     before     we     got     our     first
obstacle,(over   and   under   with   a   crawl)   then   a   balance
beam   while   holding   a   car   tyre.As   we   started   going   up
the    hill    he    extended    the    gap,at    some    obstacles    I
managed   to   get   closer   just   to   watch   him   finish   and
head   off   again   haha,approaching   the   sand   bag   carry   I
got   ready   to   pick   up   some   heavy   bags   but   almost
throwing     them     away     as     they     were     lighter     than
expected,but   what   they   lacked   in   weight   they   made   up
for   in   distance   with   a   nice   long   loop.As   I   made   my   way
through    the    last    few    obstacles    with    a    cool    mud
monster,a   ice   bucket   and   a   big   jump   I   crossed   the
finish   line   feeling   confident   in   my   time   and   just   had   to
wait   for   the   final   results.   With   the   announcement   of   the
results    I’m    happy    to    say    I    finished    in    2nd    place
grabbing    a    podium    spot    next    to    Armin    in    1st    and
Brandon   in   3rd   the   ladies   podium   Sammy   1st,   Talitha
Scholtz     2nd    and    Elmarie    Van    Oudtshoorn     3rd    big
congratulations    to   u   guys   and   girls.   Congratulations  
to    Andre    De    Beer     and    crew    on    a    well    organized
race,marshals         were         friendly         and         briefed
properly,course   was   marked   very   well   and   interesting
but   yet   fun   obstacles   some   adjustments   needs   to   be
made   for   future   events   but   all   and   all   a   great   race   and
will    recommend    it    to    everyone    that    loves    ocr,if    I’m
fortunate   enough   and   able   to   I   would   definitely   do   the
next     one.Thanks     to     my     sponsors     # Battlerush      ,
# inov8sa    and   # Liquidsalt    for   making   it   possible   for   me
to race really appreciate it,see u all at the next one .
Brandon Hulley
Actionman    yesterday    was    unlike
any    other    ocr    race    ,it    had    many
bootcamp   tasks   u   had   to   do   before
advancing    to    the    obstacle     w hich
would    tire    u    out    alot    before    u actually    do    the    obstacle th    there  
was   also   tough   hills   to   conquer   but
all   round   it   was   a   tough   race   which
I   am   so   lucky   to   have   taken   3rd place     thank    u    Actionman    for    the
great race
 Ryno Schotlz
Took     part     in     an     epic     obstacle
course    race    at    the    ATKV    Klein
Kariba     resort     this     weekend!The
event   was   really   well   organised   and
my    family    and    I    enjoyed    the    day
out. Congratulations           to          my
superhero   wife   Talitha   Scholtz    with
her   2nd   place   and   to   all   the   other
participants     that     made     podium.It
was    a    privilege    to    race    against
some   of   the   top   athletes   such   as
Brandon     Hulley      Armin     Botha      &
Marius   Smith    and   I   feel   blessed   with
my    4th    place    finish.I    was    super
proud     to     represent     the     Tactical
Quarter       Master        brand       once
again.You guys really rock!
We    will    definitely    be    at    the    next
Actionman  ocr race!
Armin Botha
Great   Weekend   out   for   Team   OCT South.We       participated       in       the Actionman      1       at      Klein      Kariba. Fantastic     venue     and     setup.     Well Done   on   your   first   OCR   event.   Great company   with   all   OCR   athletes,   Welll Done   BR   Crew.   Super   proud   of   our teams peformance this weekend.
Elmarie  van Oudshoorn
We     had     a     proper     OCR     party     yesterday     at Actionman #1 OCR race in Klein Kariba.     Serious    racing,    playing    cat    obstacle    and    run mouse   with   Talitha,   unpredictable   obstacles,   hard trail     running,     social     chats,     banter,     laughter, strategic     sport     conversations     and     relationship building.     A    beautiful    venue,    amazingly    organized    and professional    event,    perfect    weather,    solid    people and   another   day   ticked   in   a   beautiful   life   of   sport. Very happy with my third place in the 10km.      Thank     you     Actionman,     Zoerdoef     and     your sponsors for the prizes. See you at # 2  Thank you guys for putting a lovely race together!
Talitha Scholtz
Yesterday   morning   we   were   up   at   3:20am   to   get ready    to    drive    to    ATKV    Klein    Kariba    for    the    first Actionman   OCR.      It   was   pouring   with   rain   but   we loaded the kids and made our way to the venue. When   we   arrived   the   rain   had   started   to   die   down   a little.   I   was   fortunate   enough   to   have   gotten   an   invite from    Andre    De    Beer    to    the    VIP    area    which    was great   because   we   had   coffee   and   breakfast   there after. We   got   called   up   in   batches   of   5   or   6   and   had   to   do a   pre   race   warm   up.   Once   warmed   up   we   were   off. We   had   over   and   unders,   a   balance   beam   (holding a   tyre)   and   then   as   i   approached   the   Tarzan   swings i   panicked.   The   ropes   were   so   high   and   there   was no   way   to   reach   it.   After   failed   attempts   at   jumping and    grabing    Elmarie    Van    Oudtshoorn    joined    me. She   too   could   not   reach   the   ropes.   We   persuaded the   marshall   to   let   us   build   a   little   step   with   bricks lying   around   in   the   bush.   This   whole   process   took   so much   time.   But   eventually   we   could   both   reach   and elmarie    swung    through    with    me    following    and chasing her down. The    next    difficult    obstacle    was    the    Monkey    bars. Firstly   again   too   high   for   the   ladies   to   reach.   So   we were   allowed   to   use   the   side   pole.   From   the   pole   i could   pull   myself   up   to   the   gumpole   and   got   my hand   onto   the   monkey   bars.   The   bars   were   so   thin and   my   grip   was   just   so   tired   I   dropped   down   and had   to   do   it   again.   At   this   point   Elmarie   made   it through.   So   attempt   no   2   and   i   got   through.   Running to catch elmarie again. Running   through   a   technical   area   that   felt   like   it   was all   uphill   we   got   to   the   push   ups   obstacle.   30push ups   which   seems   easy   enough   until   you   get   to   the parallel   bars   shimmy.   We   were   told   we   cannot   use our   legs   and   my   arms   felt   so   fatigued.   There   after we   had   30pull   ups   then   a   killer   hill   at   which   point   my arms felt like they would never work again. Reaching   the   top   of   the   hill   we   had   2   abs   exercise obstacles   then   a   gumpole   shimmy   into   cliffhanger. Then    we    had    a    sandag    carry    loop    which    was probably    about    600m?    (im    not    sure    about    the distance) we had to carry 2 bags. From   there   we   ran   through   a   river,   up   a   rope   and through   a   couple   of   storm   drains.   Coming   back   into the   venue   we   had   a   skip   filled   with   water,   the   mud monster,   tyres   and   the   last   obstacle   was   the   mother of all jumps (MOJ) I    think    it    was    a    fun    and    challenging    race.    I    am blessed   to   have   gotten   a   2nd   place.   The   prizes   were great and we had a fun day out.