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The Action Group
ACTIONMAN TRAIL RUNNING 2018 During   the   course   of   2017 The    Action   Group   was   established   by   a   group   of   event   specialist   for   the purpose   of   becoming   an   umbrella   organisation   that   will   in   time   be   recognised   for   the   quality   of   events   they   represent   in the following sporting arena’s: Obstacle Course Racing (2017) Trail Running (2018) Mountain Trail Bike (2018/2019)   We kicked our Actionman OCR events of in 2017 and hosting 5 more of them in 2018!!. We   are   excited   to   announce   that   we   have   decided   to   link   our   2018   Trail   Running   Series   to      our   OCR   events   and hosting a trail run on the Sundays of the OCR event on the same venue’s. The   above   make   business   sense   from   a   logistical   point   of   view   as   well   as   sense   from   the   athlete’s   poitn   of   view.   It enable us to present two high quality events at affordable pricing for the contestants. We are supper excited about our venue’s for 2018!! Cradle Moon - Johannesburg/ Muldersdrift Tierpoort Adventure Farm - Pretoria ATKV Buffelspoort - North West ATKV Klein Kariba - Limpopo See below some Pic’s of #1 at Cradle Moon Three   of   the   above   venue’s   offer   extensive   wild   life   and   outdoor   experience   for   the   enthusiastic   trail   runner   as   well   as some techincal running!! We will start the events of with a 5km & 10km and will expand this to include a 15km by #3 We   have   limited   space   available   as   the   venue’s   wish   to   keep   the   human   footprint   on   their   venue’s   as   low   as   possible   so don’t hesitate go to our “ entry & events “ page and enter as soon as entries are available to avoid dissapointment!! Pricing 5 km = R 120 - Lucky Draw Prices 10km = R 160  - 1st Price (R 500) 2nd (R 250) 3rd (R 150) in bothe men and women categories. @ Tierpoort Adventure Farm the above pricing INCLUDE R 50 fee payble to the venue!!