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The Action Group

The Action Group 

The Actionman Challenge - 2018  Obstacle   course   racing   is   currently   the   fastest   growing   adventure   sport   in   the   world.      Needless to say that we are EXTREMELY  excited to be entering this arena with our new OCR. Starting   in   October   2017   and   ending   in   December   2018   the   first   5   events   of   the   series   will   take you   to   some   spectacular   areas   in   Gauteng   /   North   West   and   Limpopo   with   the   2018/2019 season   expanding   to   6   events   (including   North   West   &   Western   Cape)   and   finally   in   the 2019/2020   season   it   will   explode   into   Kwa-Zulu   Natal   &      Free   State   as   a   fully   fledged   9   series event. An   obstacle   race   for   old   an   young   this   race   promise   to   be   the   place   to   be   in   2018   if   you   want   to enjoy   outdoor   racing.   Whether   you   are   a   pro   or   just   the   average   Joe   next   door   we   have   a distance for you. Come   and   enjoy   our   vast   terrain’s   expertly   setup   by   events   specialists   for   your   enjoyment. From   massive   beer   gardens,   food   stalls,   easy   access   parking   areas   (free   parking   nogal),      live entertainment, outdoor shopping mall for spectators. Bring         your         family,         bring         your         mates,         impress         or         embarrass         but         whatever         you         do        don’t   miss   out  on these events!! Looking   forward   to   introduce   you   to   our   Corporal’s   (Marshalls)   and   Regiment   Sergeant   Major’s (course adjudicators)  yours in action!!!  Regiment Sergeant Major - Actionman
Turning Obstacle’s Into Opportunities - Choosing To Innovate Rather Than To Imitate
                         Actionman OCR # 3 @ Tierpoort Adventure Farm on 9 June 2018 / Actionman Trail Run # 2 @ Tierpoort Adventure Farm on 10 June 2018
under 18? enter the 5km race for only R 200 !!! + R 50 Timing Chip